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INFECTUR Tee - Black

INFECTUR Tee - Black

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Introducing the contemporary street-style INFECTUR Tee – a unique and bold representation of our brand's mission to spread motivation like a viral sensation, featuring Mackenzie Tsai's signature design elements. The design showcases the "INFECTUR" text in the center, overlaid with the vertically arranged Mandarin characters "感染源" (gǎn rǎn yuán). In Mandarin, "感染" can mean both "infection" and "motivating" or "inspiring" others, while "源" translates to "source" or "origin." Together, these characters convey the meaning of "the one who motivates others." Adding a creative touch, the back of the shirt features an interconnected pattern of biohazard signs, symbolizing the powerful and contagious nature of motivation and inspiration. Another distinctive element is the cursive "INFECTUR" print hidden inside the sleeves, which becomes visible when the sleeves are folded outward. This eye-catching tee is not only a testament to your individual style but also an embodiment of the INFECTUR brand's core values. Make a statement and let your influence go viral in this unique and edgy piece.

Key Features:

  • 100% high-quality combed cotton for a soft, luxurious feel
  • Thick and durable material built to last
  • Unique INFECTUR Tee graphic design for a bold statement

Care Guide:

  • Normal wash for easy cleaning
  • Pre-shrunk to minimize shrinkage
  • Tumble dryer friendly for convenience
  • Hang dry recommended for optimal longevity
  • Slight shrinkage possible with tumble drying

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